"Agriculture is a fundamental source of national prosperity."

-James Jay Mapes, American Agricultural Scientist

We are very pleased to offer a wide range of routes for the 2021 Tour de Fields. Please click on any of the routes shown below to learn more about your tour of Yuma area agriculture. All routes will start and stop at Council Park in the City of Somerton, Arizona. All routes are on paved surfaces, and are suitable for any type of bicycle. Additionally, you can download a GPX file of your route to be uploaded to your bicycle or smartphone GPS software by clicking on the appropriate button below. A link is also provided for you to download a cue sheet for each route.

All routes will be clearly marked by signs and pavement markings (Route Arrows). You will also be provided a mobile number to call in case you get off course and need help with getting back on your way.

PLEASE NOTE: Cue Sheets are generated via Strava. The Cue Sheets linked here will be replaced with our own when available.

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Red Tractor in Field

5-Mile "Side Salad" Family Ride

Our 5-Mile "Side Salad" Family Ride is designed to cover the perimeter of Somerton. On this ride you will start with a cruise through the Cocopah Rio Colorado golf course, and cross Main Street onto the Somerton Canal Multi-Use Pathway. Along this segment, you will experience crops growing in adjacent fields, as well as the canal system used to irrigate them. Turning right (west), you'll follow along County 17th Street to the edge of town. Once you're headed back north, you will take Cesar Chavez, ultimately finishing back at Council Park. This is a wonderful ride for those new to cycling, those who want to try out road riding, families cycling together, or anyone that just simply wants to take the perimeter tour of Somerton! This route covers a distance of just over 5 miles.

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 7.27.17 AM.png
Vegetable Farm

10-Mile "Wedge Salad" Route

The 10-Mile "Wedge Salad" Route, takes you a little bit further out of town and deep into active agriculture fields. You will travel north on Somerton Avenue to County 14th Street. From there, you will head east to Avenue C, taking in the sights of growing produce along the way. When you arrive at Avenue C, you will head nearly 1 mile to the Yuma County Water Users' Association headquarters. Upon your arrival, you will have a chance to grab a snack or top off on your hydration at the sponsored SAG stop. When you've had your fill, head west to Avenue D then south to Highway 95. Wide shoulders await your arrival, and you will take Highway 95 clear through the city of Somerton and will ultimately finish at Council Park. As with all of our routes, this is suitable for any type of bicycle, and a good choice for riders of all abilities and experience.

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 7.30.26 AM.png
New Growth

30-Mile "Salad Bar" Route

Our 30-Mile "Salad Bar" Route let's you feast your eyes on even more active agriculture production! You'll spin for 30 miles on county roads with active fields on each side of you. About halfway through your ride, you'll arrive at the Yuma County Water Users' Association headquarters where you will be treated to snacks and drinks to refuel you for the rest of the way back to Council Park. This is an excellent ride for intermediate to advanced riders, and is suitable for any type of bicycle.

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 7.31.16 AM.png
Vegetable Stand

52-Mile "Grand Buffet" Route

As the name implies, our 52-mile "Grand Buffet" Route offers you even more exposure to crops of all varieties in the fertile Yuma Valley! Leaving Somerton, you will head south to the sister-city of San Luis. After taking a quick roll through the city (and a little bit of a hill climb, too!) you're more than welcome to stop by the Chevron station for a refuel at our SAG stop. From there, head back north, and skirt to the west of Somerton. From there, you'll continue north to the University of Arizona's Farm (don't forget to wave as you cruise past!) and begin your journey back. Like the 10-mile and 30-mile routes, you'll stop off at the SAG stop at the Yuma County Water Users' Association to make the final push back to Council Park. This ride is ideal for the more experienced riders (due to it's distance, not because of other factors) and those that want to push themselves a little harder to make a distance goal. We're sure you'll find this to be a great route!

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